Creation of a new franchising format with a performance improvement model

Sector: Energy and utilities
Project area: Retail strategy


Company profile

Our client is a major integrated energy company, committed to growth in the activities of finding, producing, transporting, transforming and marketing oil and gas.

Company has a franchising network localized in Italy with a good commercial approach but without a specific competence in order to increase franchisee’s business.

Company topics

  • The franchising network is going through a period of profound transformation driving franchisee into managing customers and appling a strong business approach.
  • Company aim is to have a retail network capable of conveying products and services linked to citizens (gas, electric, scheduled maintenance, kitchens, water heaters, air conditioning, etc.), at its reference target. This leads to the need to transform the DNA of the network using all available levers, in order to achieve quickly an improvement of the franchisee’s business attitude and of the whole network.
  • It is useful to focus attention especially on planning training activity, which enables sales staff, franchisee and area manager to implement default behaviours, according to standardized sales patterns established by the company in relation to the network strategic business plan, and according to which processes, roles and tools are designed.
  • The lack of motivation of the sellers, the anarchy  of behaviours, the lack of KPI (control of commercial performances) makes this an urgent task.

Proposta di assistenza professional

  • Plan training patterns of the franchising network, useful to strengthen the business trend of the network.
  • Define and develop a prototype of a new light franchising format (corner).


Fase 1

  • Assessment and benchmark analysis.
  • Governance and economical models
  • SWOT analysis.

Fase 2

  • Format guidelines.
  • Brand and marketing model.
  • KPI control system.
  • Visual & Identity model.

Fase 3

  • Opening Plan.
  • Monitoring and performances check.
  • Training plan.



  • New retail format
  • New commercial relationship model
  • Product and services range
  • Key Performance Indicators model
  • Network management system


  • Opening plan of 250 new monobrand stores
  • Increasing revenues: € 250k for each new store
  • New market share in electrical retail sector: 3-5%